Philbin: “I like having ‘roid rage. I think it’s funny”

MDS at FANHOUSE unearths bizarre video of Regis Philbin today talking rather flippantly about his use of steroids:

Reege: “Steroids have gotten a bad rap. I mean, boy, oh boy, everybody’s condemning them and you’re not allowed to have them.

There’s a lot of things I don’t want to ever think about, with Philbin taking a needle in the butt at the very top of that list. I doubt he’s done that, but a botox needle to the forehead is a completely different story.

Philbin makes an interesting point though about steroids getting a bad rap. We’ve all heard Jose Canseco for many years extolling the virtues of the muscle-building drug, and he seems to be in reasonably good health. That doesn’t mean steroids aren’t dangerous, but so are alcohol and cigarettes - so why can’t we get steroids over-the-counter?