Philadelphia Reporter: Freddie Mitchell Arrested

It’s been a tough 2009 for former Eagles receiver Freddie Mitchell. In February, the LAKELAND (FL) LEDGER reported him being investigated by local police after he was delivered a FedEx package at his barbecue restaurant - originally addressed to his 90-year-old grandmother - that contained seven pounds of marijuana.

Reporter: Freddie Mitchell arrested in Philadelphia for not paying child support

Six months later, Mitchell lost the same restaurant in a court fight after a Lakeland judge ruled that Mitchell, who had entered into a lease-to-own agreement with the owner, “hadn’t paid the remaining purchase price.”

Today? It gets worse.

Philadelphia-based Comcast Sports Philadelphia reporter Leslie Gudel, who was last seen in the Phillies clubhouse between Brett Myers and Cole Hamels, Tweeted this earlier today: “Freddie Mitchell was just arrested in Philadelphia for failure to pay child support.

Gudel is a credible source and I have no reason to believe that her report isn’t true. Mitchell reportedly was not able to save his restaurant because of his failure to fulfill a lease-to-own payment, so Audel’s news isn’t exactly a surprise.

UPDATE: Enrico at Philadelphia blog THE 700 LEVEL has this:

FredEx was supposed to be a guest host on 97.5 the Fanatic this week. No word on whether or not the arrest will change that. If he does appear on the radio all week as scheduled, at least he’ll now have something to talk about.

Hope the hotline takes collect calls.

UPDATE: Pro Football Talk’s Michael David Smith cites Gudel’s Tweet as well.