1.21 Gigowatts! Mickelson Believes In Time Travel

The dream is always the same: Phil Mickelson and Darren Daulton are both rushing to appointments in another dimension/decade. Attempting to pass Daulton’s Astral Time Buggy, Mickelson hits his left front fender, causing them to both spin out and crash into a ditch. Cursing ensues (involving real curses), then an exchange of license information as curious dinosaurs look on from the treeline. I awake in a cold sweat.

Phil Mickelson

If you though Daulton was out there, well, he is. But if this blog account can be believed, golfer Mickelson has his own, um, out-of-the-mainstream beliefs on the nature of linear time. Apparently Mickelson told fellow PGA professional Brandt Snedeker that he believes in time travel.

Come with us now, back, back in time to the misty reaches of 2004 …

In 2004 Snedeker was still an amateur and qualified for the Masters by winning the US Amateur Public Links the year prior. He was psyched when he had the opportunity to play a practice round at Augusta with Davis Love III, who was super nice and made a real effort to reach out to him.

The day only got more exciting. Afterwards, Sneakers was having lunch and FIGJAM (Mickelson) randomly asked if he could sit with him. Obviously he was thrilled — first, a practice round with Davis, and now, lunch with Phil.

Then Davis walked by and said something like, “Phil, why don’t you tell Brandt about time travel?” FIGJAM launched into a half-hour spiel about how he thought time travel was within the bounds of possibility — supposedly words like “warps in the universe” and “black holes” were a part of the discussion. Sneakers was a tad unnerved, not to mention bewildered. He ran into Davis in the locker room and asked what the heck was that about (in so many words). Davis told him he wasn’t the first to hear FIGJAM’s theory on time travel.

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