Phil Mickelson Playing In China To Promote Golf And Get Paid Very Handsomely

MICKELSON TAKING HIS GAME TO CHINA FOR FUN & PROFIT: Phil Mickelson is hoping to cash in on his visit to China:

Chinese golf Mickelson

The LONDON TIMES swats us news of the large linksman taking a trip to the Far East for the HSBC Champions Tournament. Phil’s flying out in hopes of expanding the game of golf - and his money belt.Mickelson is venturing out of the U.S. in what he claims is an opportunity to promote his sport - and the nice, fat paychecks don’t hurt, either. Phil will be getting a generous appearance fee for showing up at the Sheshan Golf Club near Shanghai.

Phil Mickelson Tiger Woods

During the PGA season, stars like Mickelson and Tiger Woods are not allowed to get such fees on American courses. That’s why stars like Phil and Tiger got the PGA to shorten their season, which opens a larger window for overseas fortunes.Phil contends, “I’m making an effort to help globalize golf, but also giving my kids a global education.”

With the kind of dough Phil will be raking in, his kids could literally buy the college of their choice.

British Olympics program

But maybe the Mickster truly does want to spread the word of his game. He has been campaigning to bring golf back to the Olympics.If ballroom dancing has a shot, then why not?