Phil Mickelson Leaves PGA Tour To Attend To Wife

PGA golfing superstar Phil Mickelson takes a lot of grief from sports fans and bloggers, and deservedly so (FIGJAM!), but the announcement that Mickelson is taking a leave of absence from the PGA to attend to his breast cancer-stricken wife Amy is no laughing matter.

Phil Mickelson and wife

Mickelson, a three-time Major winner (and boy does that still feel weird to say) is not sure when he will return to the Tour, but we assume Phil was relieved to hear that he wasn’t the one afflicted.

In a potentially worrisome move, The AP (via NBCSPORTS.COM)  did not report on Amy Mickelson’s prognosis, but reports:

Phil Mickelson’s wife, Amy, has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and the three-time major champion said Wednesday he will suspend his PGA Tour schedule indefinitely. According to a release from Mickelson’s management company, his wife was to have more tests but begin treatment with major surgery as early as the next two weeks.

We wish nothing but the best for the Mickelsons, and not just because Amy is by far the more engaging and attractive half of the pair. We also hope our female readers remember to perform regular breast self-exams, and our male readers should encourage their spouses or loved ones to get a mammogram if appropriate. Having had several family members stricken with breast cancer, including both our mother and grandmother, it’s a subject that hits rather close to home. Get well soon, Amy.