Phil Jackson Caught Mackin’ On Michele Tafoya

It was a rough Sunday for the Lakers, who became the 22nd-straight victim of the Houston Rockets, and lost their lead atop the NBA’s Western Conference. But, as Ryne Nelson of ODENIZED reports, Phil Jackson was able to find a little ray of sunshine, as cameras caught the coach committing a cutesy conversation with an ESPN sideline reporter. Surprisingly, it wasn’t Erin Andrews.

Phil Jackson Michele Tafoya

FAN IQ comes across Michele Tafoya, who was recently removed from “Monday Night Football“, at Sunday’s game, trying to track down Jackson for a quick soundbite. As Michele asked the coach about game adjustments, Phil quickly adjusted his reply into some sweet talk (video after the jump):

After Michele asked about game adjustments, Phil soon adjusted to some sweet-talking of his own:

Phil: “Well, we’re trying to open up our offense a little more, less post …. anybody tell you what a nice dress that is? How nice you look today?

Michele: “I appreciate that, thank you!

Phil: “That’s nice. Yeah. Well, anyway, we’re trying to get a high-post offense … (yadda, yadda, yadda)

How sweet. Maybe Jackson can next treat Tafoya to dinner & a movie. “Brokeback Mountain“, perhaps? Or maybe not - he probably doesn’t want a jealous Jeanie on his hands. But at least Michele now has something in common to chat about with ex-MNF colleague Suzy Kolber.

Erin Andrews Bruce Pearl shirtless

And it’s a good thing Erin wasn’t working that day the Toyota Center. Had Phil tried any amorous intentions with Ms. Andrews, Bruce Pearl would have pummeled the Zen master with some naughty Knoxville knockdowns.