Jackson Dealing With Head Case Not Named Kobe

Broderick Turner of the RIVERSIDE (CA) PRESS-ENTERPRISE hits the couch, as Phil Jackson tries to deal with a head case not named Kobe Bryant.

Vladimir Radmanovic Lakers

(Vlad auditioning for the L.A. Ballet’s next production of “Swan Lake”)

Vladimir Radmanovic is the Lakers player the zen master has gleefully referred to as “my favorite Martian” and “space cadet”. Apparently, Vlad Rad can make Phil mad at times. The head coach had heard from assistant Brian Shaw that sometimes “you got to slap him up alongside the face to get him to play hard.”

As a result, Jackson has tried to get the Serbian slammer to see the team’s psychiatrist.

However, anytime the shrink shows up, Radmanovic shrinks away from scheduling any sessions. And that has Jackson concerned, as he believes Vlad’s cranium needs a check-up:

“I tell him, ‘You really need someone to get in there and work with your head because no one has been able to do anything with your head for a while. Something is wrong with it.’”

But the Radman’s coconut seemed to be firing on all cylinders Sunday night, as he scored a season-high 21 points in the Lake Show’s crushing of the Kings. And Vlad believes that he’s making progress on any issues Phil seems to have with him:

“We’re working on our anger management,” he said. “Phil is Jack (Nicholson) and I’m the other guy. So we worked on it today.”

Nothing like comparing your pro career to a crappy Adam Sandler movie.

(We do apologize for the preceeding comment, as “crappy” and “Adam Sandler movie” seems a bit redundant. However, “Happy Gilmore” did have it’s moments - especially the fight with Bob Barker.)

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