Phil Jackson Agrees To Two-Year Extension To Stay With Lakers

PHIL STAYING AT STAPLES FOR AT LEAST 2 MORE SEASONS: Although their star player may or may not be heading elsewhere, the Lakers’ coach will be sticking around for at least two more years:

Phil Jackson wince

The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports that Phil Jackson has agreed to a contract extension that will keep him in the Staples Center for two more seasons.Already the highest-paid coach in American pro sports, the new deal is expected to fetch Phil up to $12 million a year.

The extension means Jackson cam devote more time into developing his young team back into an NBA contender, and trying to smooth things over with a disgruntled Kobe Bryant.

Not to mention getting material for another book.

Jeanie Buss basketballs

Jeanie Buss can now breathe a sigh of relief that her man won’t be slipping out on her anytime soon, unlike a certain ex-tennis star.