Phew! Will Ferrell Unfunny Streak Not In Jeopardy

The WIZ OF ODDS reports that Thursday Will Ferrell made another appearance at USC football practice, this time playing “Captain Compete”:

Will Ferrell Captain Compete USC practice

Much like Ferrell’s movies, the USC players and coaches were treated to a couple mildly amusing sight gags. But based on Ferrell’s dialogue, I’m glad the man behind isn’t being judged by that standard. Video after the jump.

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Last year Ferrell had a bit that was a little funnier, as strength coach “Chuck Berry.“:

Am I the only one who has turned the lights out on Ferrell until he gets some new material?

Also, I know the Trojans are just having fun, but do you think USC would be doing something like that for an opponent other than sad sack Washington? (and Wazzu)