Phelps’ Radio Disaster Now On His Facebook Page

Michael Phelps debacle on Miami’s 790 The Ticket last week has been linked on his Facebook page - at least at the moment:

Michael Phelps Radio Goof Now On His Facebook

I’m sure Phelps’ handlers will have it down just as soon as they figure how to hang up the phone.

I’m a little surprise at the legs of this story. It was a little goof by Miami sports radio host and ESPNer Dan Le Batard, but I supposed you can’t underestimate just how enormous Phelps is in the media at the moment. It’s all timing.

If it wasn’t Phelps, the whole thing would dried up days ago.  Even if it was a very high profile athlete like Brett Favre or Terrell Owens.

The scary thing is that the whole affair has yet to mentioned prominently in the main media. I can only imagine the reax (mostly negative) if it was reported extensively throughout the MSM.

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