Phelps Not The Aqua Object of Amanda’s Affection

Michael Phelps apparently needs to work on his social skills & wardrobe.

Michael Phelps Amanda Beard

No wonder Amanda Beard doesn’t want him.

• An Orlando artist bluffs a local magazine into believing that he used to play for the New York Yankees.

• Any Hollywood film studios want to help blow up Texas Stadium?

Hideki Irabu may have beaten up a bartender after chugging down 20 beers, but he did pay his bar tab.

• One CFL coach is a cut above the rest - since he uses a knife at practice.

• Beijing’s Olympic ceremonial performers are treated no better than your average Chinese laborer.

• Ladies of the D.C. area are big fans of new Redskin Jason Taylor - if they only knew he plays football, too.

• The secret to Usain Bolt’s sprinting success? Chicken nuggets.

• Spanish basketballer & ex-Memphis Grizzly Juan Carlos Navarro says he doesn’t speak good English? No way, Jose!

Charles Barkley will have his upcoming colonoscopy televised. Talk about pulling a TV show out of your ass.