Phelps Likes His Strippers and Chewing Tobacco

We’ve learned quite a bit about Michael Phelps since he won all those gold medals last summer, but perhaps nothing was more “shocking” than the fact that a young man likes to take a hit from the bong once in a while. It was Britain’s NEWS OF THE WORLD who were originally kind enough to share those pictures of Phelps toking, and now they’re back with even more fun facts about Phelps.

Michael Phelps Theresa White

That lady in the pink teddy right there is a stripper named Theresa White who works at a club in Baltimore. White claims that she’s gone home with Phelps before with some friends where they engaged in a three-hour love romp suitable for VH1 reality programming. She also shares a few more interesting facts about the Olympic hero, and of course, her breasts, too.

(More pics of tell-all Theresa after the jump.)

Theresa White


“The sex lasted for about three hours. Michael should get another Olympic gold for marathon love-making!”

After that first night of passion 23-year-old Phelps often returned to Theresa’s club. She said they met two or three times a week throughout November and December for sex and intimate chats.

Theresa White

And Phelps brazenly boasted to Theresa of his dope-smoking exploits. She said: “He told me he’d done marijuana since he got back from Beijing. And he tried to get some for me one night but couldn’t find any.”

Strangely, Phelps always refused to take Theresa out in public on a proper date-apart from one time he treated her to a “value deal” meal at Mexican fast food chain Taco Bell. “That was it,” she said. “He just bought me some soft tacos. No romantic candlelit dinner. He HAD said he’d take me to The Capital Grille which is one of the city’s swankiest restaurants, but it never happened. And he’s supposed to be a millionaire!

Theresa White

Other things White says about Phelps include that he’s a momma’s boy who’s prone to crying at the drop of a hat, he wants to become a professional poker player, and that he has makeshift spitoons set up throughout his home because of his chewing tobacco habit.

Now I know that there are plenty of reasons not to believe anything White says, but I do want to remind you that she is a stripper, and they never lie. They really do think you’re cute.

Theresa White

What I want to know is how Phelps finds the time for these three-hour romps and all that poker when he’s dating every woman under the sun. There’s Carrie Prejean, Caroline Pal, Stephanie Rice, and probably your mom. Seriously, where do you think she was yesterday?