Lie? Phelps Didn’t Dump Topless Asian Girlfriend

Three weeks ago Michael Phelps appeared on Regis & Kelly to do the only thing he does these days, flog dishwashers and motor oil.

Michael Phelps Asian Huge-Boobed Woman

(Should we also believe Phelps doesn’t know Paparazzi’s  supposed (im)plant?)

During the interview, Phelps said that the paparazzi had recently planted a monster-boobed Asian woman next to him at the airport because she looked like his Asian topless model girlfriend, Caz Pal.

Michael Phelps Loves Girls With Monster Back Tattoos

(Ladies: Wanna attract socially-crippled Olympians? Back tattoo is the ticket!)

But while describing the scenario, Phelps told Kelly Ripa that he didn’t have a girlfriend. In other words, he’d split from Pal.

All I can say is I’m glad polygraph isn’t part of Olympic testing procedures.

Norm Clarke of the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL reports today:

Olympic swimming ace Michael Phelps, drawing a crowd Monday while playing poker with some big boys at the Palms. He showed up at Lavo (Palazzo) Tuesday with girlfriend Carolynn “Caz” Pal, the Moon cocktail server. Earlier this month, Phelps told Kelly Ripa on “Regis & Kelly” that he was “single” when she asked whether he was dating.

Classy. What’s the odds that Phelps’ handlers told him to cool it with Pal in public because it was jeopardizing his big upcoming endorsement deal with Sanka?

I’m starting to wonder if Phelps isn’t a ticking time bomb, and that something about him is going to blow up before he makes it to the next Olympics. And no, I’m not talking about Pal’s breast implants.