PGA Championship Fans Not Allowed Certain Brands Of Bottled Water On Course

AQUAFINA AGUA TO BLAME FOR FAN DEHYDRATION AT PGA: KOTV in Tulsa has a “it’s really hot!” piece on the PGA Championship at Southern Hills. And the station also unwittingly provides us with a smoking gun if granny drops dead while following Fred Funk on his appointed rounds.

Tiger Woods Water Bottle

KOTV reports if fans don’t bring in a certain brand of bottled water, it won’t be allowed on the course:

Bird Drinking From Water Fountain On Golf Course

The key to bringing in your own water is first, don’t break the seal. If the bottle is open, they’ll make you pour it out. Second, peel off the label. If it says anything other than Aquafina, it won’t be allowed.”

• NEWSFLASH - MLS PLAYERS RESENT “BSPN” COVERAGE: Dan Steinberg’s BOG has DC United’s Bobby Boswell throwing “BSPN” and announcer Eric Wynalda down the stairs - thanks to the network’s diarrhea inducing David Beckham in-game coverage:

Beckham Sign Bend Over Like Beckham

If you watch SportsCenter today they were showing [highlights]. It was an ESPN-covered game. You would think they would show the highlights of the game, but the highlights were when Beckham warmed up, when he went in, a free kick…and then they just show him kind of after the game.

I don’t care about him taking his shoe off. I am absolutely baffled how Eric Wynalda–guys that have played the game–are just riding this thing like they don’t give a damn.

Jason Sobel’s PGA Championship live blog points out this fun video of Tiger Woods goofing on Air Chuck:

Tiger Woods Charles Barkley

• AOL FANHOUSE’s Michael David Smith refreshes’s home page so we don’t have to (somebody has to do it) - and reports the Titans have secured a court order barring Pacman from delivering foot-stamping, open-handed slaps any time soon.

• The GREEN BAY PRESS-GAZETTE reports Deanna Favre has a written a book called “Don’t Bet Against Me”. The book covers the “highs and lows of life” with her husband Brett.

Deanna Favre

We’re really rooting for one of the “lows” to be a chapter on the hot tub habits of Brett’s best bud, Mark Chmura.

• The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports do-nothing famewhore Jose Canseco is out shopping a “short summary of a potential book” to publishers. Though the proposal “does name names,” it doesn’t “offer details about what those players might have done.

• The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports Tailwind Sports, majority owner of Lance Armstrong’s Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team, will disband after the ‘07 racing season.

In a stunning development, the team was “unable to find a new sponsor” after Discovery dropped out following Armstrong’s retirement and innumerable doping scandals that have plagued the sport.

• SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports IRL driver Milka Duno “will play the role of Gearbox in a movie adaptation of “Speed Racer,” which is based on the animated TV series.

Milka Duno Michael Jackson Comparison

• The LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER reports new Kentucky basketball coach Billy Gillispie has purchased a $1.45M home in the area. The home’s vitals: 12,000 square feet, six bedrooms, eight bathrooms and three half-baths.

What, no underground bunker?

• The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE has Giants COO Larry Baer backpedaling on if the club paid Hank Aaron for his video announcement the night of Barry Bonds’ record-breaking home run.

Baer claims he coaxed Aaron into making the message because it “could be good for everybody and great for the game of baseball. It’s right for you to make a statement about this. You don’t want to be a no-comment forever about this“.

After reading some of Aaron’s reaction to his announcement today, why don’t we believe Mr. Baer?

• The INDIANAPOLIS STAR reports the state of Indiana will “give its preliminary go-ahead” for a new 92,000-square-foot racino at Hoosier Park. The proposed building is “more than double the size of the existing facility.”


We only posted that because we love the word “racino”.