Peyton Manning For Vice President

• As Stephen Colbert prepares for his Presidential run, ASSOCIATED CONTENT has found his perfect Veep - Peyton Manning:

Peyton Manning Stephen Colbert

• Just like YAHOO! misplaced the Texans, OUR BOOK OF SCRAP finds that SPORTS ILLUSTRATED couldn’t remember the Titans, or their correct quarterback.

• Speaking of the sports mag, LARRY BROWN SPORTS cancels their subscription, as HBO jabs at SI about their lack of boxing coverage.

• THE SPORTING ORANGE gives the Buckeye State a black eye by recognizing their 2007 sports futility:

Indians bobblehead Ohio State BCS shirt

• 100% INJURY RATE runs into some turbulence, as 2010 Winter Olympics host Vancouver wants to fly the homeless out of their town.

• Andrew Carter of the ORLANDO SENTINEL cancels the moving vans, as Bobby Bowden’s house is *not* for sale.

• BIG TEN TAILGATE shows Nick Saban making an ass of himself, as the ‘Bama coach admits on-air, “I like butt“:

Nick Saban

• Signs, signs, everywhere signs: FOOTBALL JESUS BETTING CONSULTANT takes a look at this week’s comedic cardboard behind Corso & Herbstreit.

• Move over Segway, DEUCE OF DAVENPORT discovers the next marvelous mode of human transportation - motorized shoes!

• THE ASSOCIATION reveals one of the great perks about being a Lakers season ticket holder - the opportunity to watch Luke Walton stretch!

Lakers stretch practice

• STEROID NATION may have found the source of MLB’s HGH SNAFU - The Kansas City Royals’ dugout.

• THE ANGRY T calls the network, as they offer up their own sports-related reality shows.