Ex-Bengal Warrick’s CFL Career Lasts One Week

Peter Warrick’s plan to continue playing pro ball has petered out, as the ex-Cincinnati Bengal has been released by his Canadian Football League club - only a week after joining the team.

Peter Warrick Bengals

TSN reports that the Montreal Alouettes decided to bid adieu to their recent acquisition on Tuesday, just seven days after signing the receiver. Guess there just wasn’t enough roster room with Paul Woldu & Julius Orieukwu also coming on board.

As if Warrick wasn’t already bitter enough about not winning the Heisman.

DEADSPIN hikes along word from the NATIONAL POST that the former Florida State Seminole is still steamed over his 1999 season in Tallahassee, when he didn’t get to hoist up the trophy at the Downtown Athletic Club:

Warrick has a tattoo on his left arm of the Heisman with the words ‘Can’t Take This’ inscribed. “It had nothing to do with the way I played. Every Saturday, I gave my all,” he said. “The Heisman is supposed to be for the best athlete. And they robbed me of the (Fred) Biletnikoff (Award for best college receiver). That hurt the most.

“It was wrong,” Warrick charged. “I felt I was the best (player and receiver) that year. I haven’t said anything until today, but I want it to be known.”

It’s a shame! A travesty! A miscarriage of justice!

Isn’t it? Well…

It didn’t help Warrick’s cause when, in October 1999, he, teammate Laveranues Coles and a department store employee were arrested after the two players paid $21 for over $400 worth of clothes and shoes. Warrick, 22 at the time, and Coles - along with the clerk - were charged with a single count of grand theft.

Warrick pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and was suspended two games. He was sentenced to 30 hours of community service.

But wait - there’s more!

A year earlier, he was charged with hitting his stepmother outside her home, was suspended one game and served 150 hours of community service for the misdemeanour battery charge. He also was suspended a game for academic reasons.

And in 1998, Warrick was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest - both misdemeanours - following a confrontation in the parking lot of a Tampa restaurant. The charges eventually were dropped.

So you can clearly see why the Bengals drafted him back in 2000.

But it looks like Warrick still can’t shake the hard luck of not handling hardware. No Heisman, no Lombardi Trophy (the last NFL game he played was with the Seahawks when they lost Super Bowl XL), no Arena Bowl trophy (he signed with the AFL’s Las Vegas Gladiators in 2007 but never played a game), and now no shot at the Grey Cup.

All Peter has now is his mediocre memories in Cincinnati and a national championship with FSU. Life just isn’t fair sometimes.