Peter Magowan To Leave San Francisco Giants?

San Francisco Giants front office officials have called all 30 investors in the Giants to a meeting Friday morning where managing partner Peter Magowan will step down and possibly sell his shares in the team, the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE reports.

Brian Sabean, Barry Zito, and Peter Magowan

(Scott Boras, Brian Sabean, Barry Zito, Peter Magowan - four people the new managing partner may want to lock out of the building)

One of the other owners seems likely to take his spot; the CHRONICLE suggests Microsoft’s former chief lawyer William Neukom tops the list. Considering Neukom’s legacy with antitrust suits, you can see why he bought into a baseball team. He must cuddle every night with a pillow that has “Federal Baseball Club of Baltimore, Inc. v. National Baseball Clubs” embroidered on it.

While none of the candidates floated in the press seem likely to take a hands-on approach with the Giants like Magowan, they will also be unlikely to spend their time throwing players under the bus.

Of course, none of the choices for managing partner will matter a bit until they take a picture of this man:

Brian Sabean

…and circulate it around to security guards at AT&T Park, demanding that he not be let back in or blow a first round pick on a lousy free agent signing.