Peter King: Vick Could Play In 2009 - In the *U*FL

Hey, remember Michael Vick? Sure you do. It was just around this time last year that the Vick-kills-dogs-for-breakfast story hit, sending the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons into a preseason tailspin even the authoritarian Roger Goodell wasn’t prepared for. Vick is in prison now, serving out the rest of his sentence, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still interested in his talents. Namely, the UFL.

Michael Vick chased by dog

What’s the UFL? Good question. Apparently, it stands for United Football League, a startup league with six planned franchises for the 2009 season. Both Mark Cuban and the New York Wilpons will own teams, and - presuming the league gets off the ground - Peter King from SPORTS ILLUSTRATED tells us today that the league’s first signing will be one Mike Vick:

The big news, I suppose, from my talk with Huyghue was this: He said the chances of a UFL team signing Michael Vick to play the 2009 season are “98 percent.” Strange percentage, but that’s what he said.

“Michael’s not going to be able to walk right back into the NFL,” Huyghue said. “He’s going to need some kind of buffer before he signs in the NFL, and we’ll be able to provide that for him.”

Whether Vick will ever turn out to be as good as his college potential suggested is unlikely. After all, he had plenty of time pre-dogfighting to work on the things that keep him from being an effective every-down quarterback in the NFL (like, you know, passing the ball). He’s never made much of his potential. But as a one-time roadshow stop on the way back to a chance in the League, the UFL sounds just about right.

Oh, and it will be hilarious. That’s a plus.