Peter King Chronicles Chris Berman And Keith Olbermann Collegiate To George Seifert

BERMAN’S 1ST BOOTH WITHOUT CASH BEING TRANSACTED: Obvious exaggeration Interesting factoid from Peter King’s MMQB: “In 1976, Cornell football coach George Seifert, in the midst of a disastrous 3-15 two-year run at the Ivy League school, prowled the sidelines during a 28-12 loss to Brown in upstate New York. He was fired after the season.

Peter King

In the Cornell radio booth that day, as he was for every game of the Big Red’s debacle of a season, was student broadcaster Keith Olbermann.

Chris Berman

In the visitors’ radio booth that day was Brown student broadcaster Chris Berman.

Peter King

The next season in which Seifert was a head coach (1989), he won a Super Bowl with the 49ers, while Berman and Olbermann critiqued him for ESPN.