Pete Rose’s Girlfriend Wants To “Host TV Show”

Ken Hoffman of the HOUSTON CHRONICLE recent posted a piece @ about Pete Rose’s astonishing acumen as manager of his 20-something Asian girlfriend Kiana Kim’s nude modeling career.

Pete Rose Girlfriend Playboy Kiana Kim Nude Photos

Then came reader reax.

Pete Rose Girlfriend Playboy Kiana Kim Nude Photos

An undaunted Hoffman responded to those missives by completely ignoring the criticisms and offering us even more essential information about the background of Rose’s soon-to-be-nude girlfriend.

The only thing that can come between Pete Rose and Kiana Kim is…

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When I first spoke with — and wrote about — Pete Rose’s girlfriend coming to Houston, he didn’t mention her name. He just said things like, “My girl is intelligent” and “I hope Playboy picks my girl.”

I started getting phone calls from TV gossip shows. Seems they knew that baseball’s all-time hit king had a young, well-proportioned Asian girlfriend, but nobody knew her name or anything about her. She would stand next to him at autograph shows but wouldn’t talk.

She was born in Seoul, South Korea, and moved here when she was 5. She has a degree in marketing from Arizona State University. She and Rose live in California. She owns a hair salon and hopes to become the host of a TV show. She worked out five days a week for six months in order to get ready for her Playboy photos.

Pete Rose Asian Girlfriend To Pose For Playboy

Hoffman once again confirming the healthy, legitimate relationship that we’ve always known it to be.

Hadn’t heard before that she wanted to “become the host of a TV show.” Make sense, and I don’t think it’s any coincidence that PBS just blew out Bill Moyers.