Pete Rose Reports On Joe Dimaggios Soaped Up Wang To Seven Year Olds

ROSE BETS KIDS WANT TO HEAR ABOUT DIMAGGIO’S WANG: The CINCINNATI ENQUIRER has a real shocker for us, reporting Pete Rose’s recent visit to a baseball camp for 7-to-14 year olds in the Cincinnati area didn’t go so well.

Pete Rose

The U.S. Army sponsored the camp, and Staff Sergeant Steven Tischer characterized Rose’s comments and behavior as “a complete embarrassment. Sound a little harsh? Well apparently you weren’t there to hear Rose:

A) Drop multiple F- and S-bombs in front of the children.
B) Curse Marge Schott that she didn’t leave him any money in her will.
C) Say that “he saw Joe DiMaggio in the shower and he saw more of him than Marilyn Monroe ever did.
D) Comment on “a good friend of his that was a gambler.”

Tischer: “The whole crowd was aghast, but kind of laughed, like ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe he just said that.’

Pete Rose

The best part: The media reported that Rose was the star speaker of the camp - over the various current Reds who also spoke to the kids - and didn’t note his foul language or crude stories.

But then again, what 7-year-old doesn’t want to hear about Joe Dimaggio’s soaped-up wang?