Pete Rose ‘Girlfriend’ Has Name, Voice, No Clothes

Last we left 68-year-old Pete Rose and his early-20s, Asian companion, he was begging her to take her clothes off for all of us. I’m happy to report today that he’s succeeded, and given his special lady a name: Kiana Kim.

Kiana Kim Pete Rose Girlfriend Photos Pictures Playboy

(Pete? Where’s Pete?)

“Kiana Kim” appeared with Rose on Hoffman and Nuno on KGOW-AM in Houston, via, today to talk about her decision to enter the prestigious nude modeling industry, her relationship with Rose and her background.

Pete Rose Asian Girlfriend To Pose For Playboy

(Sorry, I was just checking out the … helmets)

Turns out she met Rose at a car dealership, introduced through a mutual friend. She didn’t have any idea who he was, but once her family told her, she asked him to make an appearance at the hair salon she owns in Los Angeles.

Twitterazzi notes Pete Rose Hair Disaster

An unfortunate lapse of judgement.

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Thankfully, that didn’t prevent their relationship from blossoming, and now he’s helping to oversee her nude modeling career of which she says she’s, “open for anything.”

Pete Rose's Asian Companion

Now we know why the Hit King likes her so much.

Pete Rose Asian Girlfriend To Pose For Playboy