Pete Guerrero Above Ground; Thanks State Farm!

As a public service, State Farm would like to remind you that Pedro Guerrero is still alive (remember, Eddie Guerrero is the dead one). And that the extremely intelligent former 1981 World Series MVP for the Dodgers is now the front man for the State Farm-sponsored Fiesta del Jonron Tour, a Cinco de Mayo celebration that is expected to draw as many as 500,000 Latino customers.

Pedro Guerrerro Baseball Boogie

(Pete’s perk: State Farm covers Jheri’d hair, satin jax for fire damage)

Oh, so you’re gonna get a popular Hispanic Dodger from the ’80s and it’s not Fernando Valenzuela? For shame, State Farm. It’s not as though your commercials aren’t bad enough.

Guerrero was indeed a legit star for most of that decade. One who can probably commit some time to a promotion that includes 17 tour stops. That said, we’d like to inform the good folks at State Farm that there are baseball stars playing, you know, right now.

In fact, there’s another famous baseball playing Latino (and former Dodger) with the first name Pedro and another with the last name Guerrero. The latter even plays near L.A. So simple!

Then again, the marketing geniuses at State Farm may now be looking to appeal to the alt-lifestyle demo with Peter … er … Pedro. So what do we know?