Sweet 16 Starts Up, Pete Gillen On Suicide Watch

March Madness is back into full swing tonight, as the Sweet Sixteen gets underway with a matchup between Mountaineers & Muskateers.

Pete Gillen in agony

Sure, your brackets are busted, and you can’t call in sick to work because the games don’t start until 7:10 p.m. Eastern. But there’s still plenty of storylines to keep yourself intrigued: Davidson’s and Western Kentucky’s Cinderella runs. All #1 seeds are still alive. What non-call will UCLA get away with this time.

And whether or not Pete Gillen kills himself.

THE REALESTS comes across a disturbing start to the former coach’s Sweet Sixteen preview for the NEW YORK POST:

WELL, even though Georgetown is gone, three of my Final Four teams are alive - which is unusual. I’ve had a bad decade - I got fired, no friends, no money, no clothes.”

True, the ’90s were a bit more kind to Gillen. He coached Xavier to the Sweet Sixteen in 1990, and led Providence to the Elite Eight in 1997. As for the 2000’s, Pete vanished from Virginia in 2005 after seven so-so seasons in Charlottesville, and is now stuck doing color commentary on CBS College Sports (the network formerly known as CSTV).

But the lack of friends, money and clothes seems a bit exaggerated. We’re sure Gillen will become chummy with some of his new CBS co-workers, and we doubt his TV gig is an unpaid internship (and we’ve had our share of those). Most importantly, we’re pretty positive CBS won’t let you cover the Conference USA Game of the Week in the nude.

Look on the bright side, Pete. You don’t have to work with Billy Packer.