Pete Carroll Listens To Kanye West! (Yeah Right)

Adam Rose at the LOS ANGELES TIMES drops news that Pete Carroll is officially a member of the Facebook community, becoming the highest-profile D-1 coach documented to have an account with the social networking site.

Pete Carroll Will Ferrell

Carroll, 56, is apparently always down for taking part in pop culture, whether it’s a swimming race with fattie Will Ferrell or trading pokes with 20-somethings on Facebook. “Carroll lists his interests as teaching, coaching, playing basketball and surfing. He likes to watch ‘24′ and his favorite book, of course, is ‘The Inner Game of Tennis.’”

Adding to his street cred, Pete cites his musical interest in James Brown, the Fray, Foo Fighters, Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen, Jack Johnson, Kanye West, the Rolling Stones, and Stevie Wonder.

Here’s a little secret, kiddos: The whitehairs have yet to figure out that a coach could very easily contact recruits through such networks. But Pete would never do such a thing.