Those Rick Neuheisel Ride-Alongs Working Already

The TORRANCE (CA) DAILY BREEZE reports today that Pete Carroll said he was involved an auto accident Tuesday night when a Los Angeles County sheriff’s car swerved in front of him and collided with his car in Malibu.

“I was in the fast lane and the cop came from the slow lane and pulled right in front of me to make a U-turn,” Carroll said. “(My car) got hammered.”

Pete Carroll Nick Nolte

(Carroll hit on same highway that claimed dignity of Mel Gibson, Nick Nolte)

Carroll said the accident occurred on Pacific Coast Highway. He said his car sustained considerable damage but he was unhurt and attended a camp for high school football players at USC on Wednesday. “We were stuck out on there for about two hours,” Carroll said.

Thank goodness everyone’s OK. And now for the strange part.

A sheriff’s spokesperson at the Malibu/Lost Hills station said he was unaware of the incident.

Weird. Of course, the Malibu PCH is where legions of celebrities have been popped (and let go) for DUI (Mel Gibson, Nick Nolte, etc). Perhaps the Sheriff’s are sheepish over Carroll getting sideswiped by one of their cruisers. Either that or Rick Neuheisel’s ride-alongs are working already.

Carroll goes onto describe the accident in his personal blog as a “fender bender“.

The Sheriff’s rep in L.A. is actually a very good one. For those of you who don’t live here, if you get pulled over by a Sheriff, the odds of you getting charged for anything are very small if they pull you. LAPD stops you, you’re screwed, regardless of the so-called infraction. (that figures to only get worse July 1.)

That’s not to say I don’t like the LAPD. They’re just doing their jobs for the most part, but they’re a little overzealous when it comes to traffic tickets.