Carroll Approves of Dorrell’s Performance At UCLA

CARROLL GIVES CROSSTOWN KUDOS TO DORRELL’S DOINGS: The crew over at DUMP DORRELL have been searching for reasons to oust the UCLA football coach. And now they may have found the best of them all - thanks to Pete Carroll:

Karl Dorrell Pete Carroll

T.J. Simers of the LOS ANGELES TIMES asked the USC coach about his Westwood counterpart, to which Pete replied that Karl has done a “fantastic” job:”They found ways to win and created an opportunity to win when a lot of other teams wouldn’t have….He’s found a way to keep his team together.”

Of course, besides last season, it helps that none of the Bruins’ wins have come at the expense of the Trojans.

Buckeyes Lloyd Carr sign

Obviously Carroll and the USC fans want to keep Dorrell around for the same reason Ohio State fans wanted Lloyd Carr to stay - both coaches haven’t had much success against their rivals.If your most hated opponents are satisfied with your own coach’s performance, it’s time for a change.