PETA, the anti-human organization lists the T…

PETA, the anti-human organization lists the Top 10 MLB ballparks for vegetarian fare this summer.

In a related story, for the first time in three years, I’ve actually found a reason to like Dodger Owner Frank McCourt. The Dodgers, according to a recent caller to KSPN-AM’s "Big Show" in Los Angeles, have stopped serving vegetarian food at Chavez Ravine.

The caller went on to rage to show hosts Steve Mason and John Ireland about his lack of food choices at Dodger Stadium. Thankfully, Ireland provided the necessary beat-down.

Ireland: "What about Nachos? Popcorn? Peanuts? Cotton Candy? Frosty Malts? … Come to think of it, most of the food at Dodger Stadium is meatless."

Caller: "(long pause) … Uh, I guess you’re right."

My suggestion to PETA on the dilemma at Dodgertown: do something most of your male membership is already an expert at, eat the buns.

Update by Steve Silver:B>B>See that Sports Illustrated cover story on Michael Vick last week? Two rather large holes in it: One, its premise was that Vick is out to prove this season that he is, contrary to popular belief, a “real quarterback.” Nevermind that said opposing viewpoint has been taken by almost nobody. BR>

And secondly, it saves any mention of the herpes lawsuit for the 13th paragraph, gives it only a two-sentence brush-off, and the name “Ron Mexico” is NOT mentioned. Shouldn’t reporter Michael Silver (no relation) have at least asked Vick about the name? Way to give short shrift to what was, far and away, the most talked-about story of the NFL off-season.