Permanent Home Field Advantage: Big 12 South?

One of the most unseemly aspects of conference championship playoff games in football is the appearance of unfairness in the location of the game. Why, if a team is more highly rated and in line for a giant BCS bowl payday, should they travel to a conference opponent’s backyard at the end of the season and put their whole year on the line one last time?

New Cowboys Stadium

It’s a legitimate question, especially in the Big 12, which has seen no fewer than five teams enter the conference championship ranked in the top three, only to walk out with a loss. So naturally, they’re thinking about permanently relocating to Dallas. Of course.

According to the AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN, which is one hell of a name for a newspaper, this notion of fairness is fine and all, but this new stadium’s sooo cool…:

Engulfed in the grandeur of the Dallas Cowboys’ new stadium, Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe suggested Tuesday he could envision the $1.2 billion palace being the permanent home of his league’s championship football game.

Since the Big 12’s formation in 1996, the league has eschewed permanent sites for its football and basketball championship events, preferring to rotate them among cities spread across the conference’s geographic area.

Beebe alluded to that philosophy embraced by the conference’s board of directors during a news conference inside the new stadium. He then paused, chuckled and added, “But they haven’t seen this.”

In case you’re wondering, that’s Dan Beebe, not Don Beebe, the famed Buffalo wide receiver from the ’80s and ’90s. You know - the one who scuttled Leon Lett’s surefire showboating Super Bowl TD. Yeah, it threw us off too.

More to the point, it seems obvious that there’s really no substitute for grandeur and excess when it comes to enticing potential sports events. No, it’s not fair that the closest Big 12 North team to Dallas is, like, KSU at 518 miles (meanwhile, the furthest Big 12 South school, Texas Tech, is 347 miles away - and there’s tons more TTU grads in Dallas than Jayhawk alumni). Yes, the North would be at a substantial, perpetual disadvantage. But OMG, the stadium! OMG, OMG! You can play Gears of War on the screens and it’s soooo rad!

So, yes, Big 12 fans. Get ready to head to Dallas if the conference commissioner has his way. Hope you like Texas; you’re going to be seeing a lot of it from here on out.