Perhaps Clemens Ate Too Much Chinese Chicken

With their statistical defense having already been shot down, perhaps Roger Clemens’ lawyers will turn to the new fad in performance-enhancing drug refutation: Chinese chicken.

They’re loaded with steroids, apparently.

Big chicken

But seriously, this is real. And it’s a problem for Olympic athletes. The U.S. is taking rather extraordinary measures to ensure none of its athletes will test positive this summer in Beijing. Well, at least for tainted chicken.

“Included among these precautionary efforts are shipments of 25,000 pounds of lean protein to China and finding Chinese vendors who will be able to offer athletes secure and properly cooked foods.

“One point of concern regarding Chinese foods is the presence of steroids in many chicken products, items that could make an athlete test positive for the illegal performance enhancers should they ingest them. The culinary security efforts also will be focused on the upcoming qualifying events U.S. athletes will be participating worldwide.”

It’s really only a matter of time before pro athletes catch on to this fun little fact. That’s it for me today, by the way. It’s been a delightful romp. I can has blogging? Yes I can.