Perdue Throws Blogs, Hackensack, Under The Bus

Michael David Smith of FANHOUSE, god love him, listens to ESPN’s Mike & Mike morning radio show so we can focus on our primary early morning activity: Santa Monica Pier cleanup detail.

Will Perdue

Today, Smith reports on a scintillating roundtable discussion between host Mike Greenburg, ESPN baseball writer Buster Olney, and Will Perdue (who apparently does local yocal NBA analysis).

Now we want to be careful here, because we didn’t hear this first-hand. But when the subject of blogs came up between the titantic trio, a mean-faced Perdue said he couldn’t believe the gall of some bloggers, that they actually had … an opinion *gasp*.

“How much merit do these things have? They’re just somebody’s opinion,” Perdue said. “These guys just write these blogs which is their opinion, next thing you know it becomes fact, and then we’re talking about it because it’s on some blog that’s started by some guy that lives with his mother in an apartment in Hackensack, New Jersey.”

Startling revelation. We had no clue that Perdue hung with Rick Reilly and Bob Costas. And for once and for all, we wish these high falutin’ mainstream guys would get it right: we’re living on mom’s service porch - not actually inside the apartment.

We really need to give this opinon thing a try. Thanks for the heads-up, Mr. 21AAAAA.