Pepperdine Coach Made Player Suck His Thumb


Pepperdine’s b-ball coach has called a permanent time-out, amid rumors that he verbally abused his players - even making one kid suck his thumb during practice.

The LOS ANGELES TIMES dribbles news that Vance Walberg resigned on Thursday, officially citing ‘family reasons’ for his departure from Malibu. However, Vance’ vacancy comes at a time that questions were being asked about Walberg’s way with his team.

Pepperdine AD John Watson had heard that Walberg made derogatory comments toward his Waves players. And during one practice last season, Vance apparently made one player leave the court and suck his thumb, believing he was “acting like a baby.”

But Watson chalked these incidents up to “mistakes in judgment“, and was surprised by Walberg’s sudden resignation.

Vance Walberg Linus Peanuts

However, it doesn’t seem that Vance’ tactics have worked, as the Waves were only 14-35 in Walberg’s year and a half at the helm, including a 8-23 record last season.

That’s enough to make any Pepperdine fan bawl like a baby. Just watch where you stick that thumb.