People Would Be Happy To Stalk This Cheerleader

Let’s end the day with the bizarre story of a University of Florida cheerleader who falsely claimed she was being stalked. Turned out she was kind of stalking herself. And she got arrested. Nice.

Lauren Beard

See, Lauren Beard doesn’t look all that crazy. The GAINESVILLE SUN tells us otherwise.

“A University of Florida cheerleader was arrested this week for allegedly filing a false police report claiming she was being stalked.

Lauren Beard, 20, was charged with the misdemeanor after reportedly telling University of Florida Police that someone had been sending her e-mails and instant messages claiming to know her routine, to be following her and watching her. UPD Detective Amanda Spurlin said Beard admitted she sent the cyber messages to herself after turning in another e-mail to police.

‘This started on Feb. 12 when she told us she had received two messages,’ Spurlin said. Investigators said Beard, who lives in an off-campus apartment, brought in a fifth e-mail to police on Monday and was arrested after admitting she had sent them to herself.

‘We were able to trace this through an IP address,’ Spurlin said. ‘These were sent from an AOL account. Anybody could have used her computer, but she did tell us that she sent these.’

Beard could not be reached for comment. Her attorney, Nick Zissimopulos, said Beard had been under a great deal of stress and pressure and was taking responsibility for her actions.”

I totally know what it’s like to be stressed out and fake a stalking incident, so I can relate. A fitting punishment for the young lass, I think: 30 days in Najeh Davenport’s laundry hamper.