Blogs: Penthouse Pet Hounded By Marcus Allen

• This Trojan’s ribbing not for her pleasure: WITH LEATHER finds Marcus Allen hounding a Penthouse Pet:

Kimberly Williams Marcus Allen

• BLAZERS EVANGELIST knows just how bright your star is shining when you make the front page of Portland Monthly.

• Speaking of mad mags, SbBer Matt tips us off to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED knowing what Michael Vick would be up to 20 years down the line, based on this cover from July 27, 1987:

Sports Illustrated Pitbull Cover

• THE BIG LEAD tunes in to discovered audio of Mike Francesa’s verbal beatdown of the Worldwide Leader.

• POP ON THE POP believes A-Rod’s marriage may be (*shock!*) in trouble:

A-Rod F-Rod

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS rats out news that the Dolphins are becoming the AFC East’s version of the Bengals.

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING turns on & drops out to ESPN’s new NASCAR technology that will let viewers see the air:


• BUGS & CRANKS presents the (police) lineup for the MLB All-Felon team.

• MR. SUNSHINE has Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman telling the national media to lay off his wonderful city:

Oscar Goodman Ham

• BROWNS GAB is getting a little worried that Cleveland still hasn’t signed their top 3 draft picks.