Pens Fans Know Only Death Can Stop Ovechkin

One of the big knocks on Penguins fans is that they’re bandwagon jumpers. That they couldn’t fill their arena until they tanked to get two top-2 picks in a row. Basically, that at one point, Kansas City was considered a better hockey market than Pittsburgh. Well, one fan took it upon himself to show the world just how much passion Pens backers have.

Sidney Crosby

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A 17-year-old from Pennsylvania is under investigation for posting a death threat to Alexander Ovechkin on a message board. The threat read: “I’m killing Ovechkin. I’ll go to jail. I don’t care anymore.” Actually, it had less punctuation and capitalization than that, but we all accept the Internet is as much a cesspool as central PA.

Screenshot of the threat, after the jump.

Ovechkin Death Threat

Police raided a home in Chambersburg, PA, which it turns out is closer to Washington than Pittsburgh. They seized a laptop, apparently unaware of how the Internet actually works. “pensforlife87″ posted the threat Wednesday night on Pittsburgh’s official message board, after Ovie had given the Caps the lead, but before the Penguins came back to win in overtime. Bet he wishes he had an unsend button.

By the way, putting Crosby’s number in your username? Not the best way to convince us you’re not a bandwagon jumper. That or the fact that you joined the site three months ago.

But honestly, how did this come to light? Who is scrolling as far as page 58 on a game thread? And are we still pretending like message board threats should be taken seriously?

One Pens fan outside the Capitals’ hotel puts it all in perspective:

“I’ve been standing out here all day trying to get his autograph, and he hasn’t been very nice, but that’s still no reason to threaten someone’s life,” said Ovechkin fan Jonathan Cohen.