Pens Fans Fooled By Free Ticket Text Faux Pas

The Penguins & Capitals resume their exciting playoff series tonight in Pittsburgh in what’s sure to be a jam-packed Mellon Arena. Wouldn’t it be great to be there in person, watching Sidney Crosby & Alex Ovechkin face off in a grudge match of superstars? And wouldn’t it be great if you could bring three more friends along - and it was all for free?

Sidney Crosby Capitals

Almost 500 Pens fans received such great news through a text message sent from the team, telling them that they won four free tix to an upcoming playoff game.

That’s awesome for them. Too bad it really wasn’t true.

MONDESI’S HOUSE skates up a story from the PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE REVIEW that 460 Penguins supporters received notification of winning the big playoff prize - only to be told later that it was all a mistake.

KDKA-TV (by way of PUCK DADDY) has a screen cap of the follow-up message the unfortunate fans received:

Penguins ticket text message

“Due 2prgrmng error, the results of 2days student rush txt alrt were invalid &unfortunately u didn’t win the contest. We apologize 4inconvenience. STOP.”

MH continues that the Pens are trying to make up for the mistake by offering the fooled fans two tickets to a game next season, a $25 gift card, a Pens hat & Pens shirt. Best of all, a real live Penguins team staff member will call each of the fans in person to try and explain what happened. Heck, who needs playoff tickets now when you can get this kind of phone call!