Penn’s Mom Attacks Georges St. Pierre In Court

A good six weeks ago, MMA fighter Georges St. Pierre knocked off B.J. Penn in Las Vegas in one of the biggest fights in the history of the hybrid sport. Almost immediately after the fight ended, Penn began accusing St. Pierre of cheating by having vaseline rubbed on his body after the first round, an incident being called “Greasegate” in MMA circles. Those claims were put up before the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and one of the most ardent attacks of St. Pierre was none other than Penn’s very own mother.

According to FANHOUSE, via MMA JUNKIE, Penn’s mother, Lorraine Shin, wrote in to the commission to say that MMA would lose any sense of integrity if it allowed St. Pierre’s title to stand unpunished. In fact, she went so far as to say that it’s her drive for integrity, not love of her son, that had her writing in.

That’s possible. Of course, it’s also possible that no mother would want their child trying to beat the life out of another person in a sport where only blatant eye gouging is illegal.

For the record, here’s exactly what Shin said about her son’s recent loss, and why she was writing in to the Nevada commission.

“It’s not for the love of my son; it’s for my love of the sport,” Shin said. “It’s to protect every fighter that comes forward. It’s not for just my son. It’s to do the right thing.”

Penn wasn’t exactly silent about the matter himself, either.

“I don’t remember much after the second round because of the beating that I took in the second round,” Penn said. “But I do remember somewhere in the second round — to be honest with you, I was thinking, ‘He knows I can’t hold him. He knows I can’t hold him. Now he’s just going to be fearless with what he’s doing because I can’t hold him.’ I’m very surprised that Mr. St. Pierre is not here because Mr. Nurse and Mr. Jackson are here because the commission was on the lookout for Mr. St. Pierre,” Penn said. “These guys got caught or however you want to say it.”

Mr. Nurse and Mr. Jackson are St. Pierre’s cornerman, Phil Nurse, and his head coach, Greg Jackson. Both were in court, and neither made a compelling case defending their client.

MMA is saying that the ongoing case won’t derail any of the fights slated for either man, but who knows whether that will actually be the case. After all, this is a sport where men can have vaseline slathered on them and officials can’t even tell the difference. Why, exactly, would we assume that they’ll stick to the rules they set out for themselves?