Pennington to Dolphins, Will Face Jets In Week 1

Chad Pennington, recently run out of New York to make way for Brett Favre and his ego, has signed with the AFC East rival Dolphins. He spent last season sharing the quarterback duties with Kellen Clemens, and the two were battling for the starting gig during the first week of training camp.

Chad Pennington headed to Miami

Then Favre happened, the City went into a frenzy, and Pennington was unceremoniously dismissed. And although the former Marshall star is now part of a franchise that won a whopping one game last season, he has two things going for him.

The Dolphins want him, and not in the “hey, stand on the sidelines and shut up” sorta way, either; they want him to start.  When you take a gander at the depth chart and remember that the team’s Grand Overseer Bill Parcells loves him some veteran quarterbacks, its all makes perfect sense.

From ESPN’s John Clayton:

One day after his release from New York, he found what looks to be a starting job with the Miami Dolphins. Pennington, 32, agreed Friday night to a two-year, $11.5 million contract that pretty well locks him into starting, according to a source. Contacted by six teams on Thursday, Pennington wasted no time reuniting with the person who brought him into the NFL as a first-round pick of the Jets, Bill Parcells.

Pennington immediately upgrades the position, but just like the guy who replaced him on the Jets, he’ll have to learn an entirely new offense in three weeks. But unlike New York, expectations are a smidge lower in South Florida. Pennington won’t be hung in effigy if Miami gets off to a rollicking 0-3 start.

The fun starts Sept. 7, when the Jets face the Dolphins in the season opener.

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