Penn St.’s Daryll Clark Doesn’t Play Angry. Sure.

Penn State quarterback Daryll Clark on Nov. 22 responding to being called an “interception machine” by ESPN’s Todd McShay (video):

Todd McShay Calls Daryll Clark And Interception Machine

“You can’t go out and play angry as a quarterback, because you’ll sit there and get upset and think ‘I’m so mad’ and you end up throwing this pass and that pass and they (passes) end up not being there and you end up turning the ball over more. I want to make sure that doesn’t happy to me.”

And then there’s Clark on his confirmed Twitter account yesterday.

Actually it appears Darryll’s a little late to the party.

As Penn State football site also points out, “The Capital One Bowl won’t make or break Daryll Clark’s career.” Here’s why:

In 2009, there’s 12-for-32 against Iowa and 12-for-28 against Ohio State.  In 2008, there’s 9-for-23 in Iowa City and 12-for-20 in an incomplete performance at the Horseshoe.  And in between, a lot of gaudy numbers against some awful defenses.

Clark will forever be judged on those pivotal games, not rolling up numbers New Year’s Day on a pedestrian L.S.U. team.

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