Penguin Lust: Stanley The Gamer Is A True Hero

You thought the victory celebration in Los Angeles was rough? This stuffed penguin begs to differ. Stanley the Gamer, as he has been dubbed, was rescued no less than three times from rowdy Red Wings fans bent on destroying him prior to Game 7 on the NHL Playoffs on Friday. But he survived, and is credited as the good luck charm that made the difference in Pittsburgh’s 2-1 win for the Stanley Cup.

Stanley the Gamer

His reward? Stanley was repaired and taken to the Penguins’ victory parade in downtown Pittsburgh today, where he received a hero’s welcome along with the actual players. Opus approves.

Sewickley resident Merry Haberman first spotted the stuffed toy sea bird hanging from a noose and carried by Red Wings’ fans outside of Joe Louis Arena on Friday. She grabbed it, had it stolen back, later grabbed it again, and had it stolen back again. And even though at one point Stanley was run over by a bus, Haberman wouldn’t give up.


“So about ten minutes later I see him being thrown in the air and being kicked around, so I thought, I’ll try one more time,” Haberman said. “So I grabbed him out of the road and ran into the arena as fast as I could before they could steal him back.

“He was torn all the way open, black as could be, road tracks on him. So after the game I took him home, fixed him up and he’s here now at the victory parade, and I’m going to take him to every Penguins’ game from now on.” 

Of course, others are claiming that it was their superstitions which won the Cup. Including this guy on the POST-GAZETTE message board:

It’s hard to top this one. The Pens were 8-0 in the playoffs when i watched the games at Hooters. 8-8 when watching at home. — Gordonbombay, Mon, Jun 15 2009 10:31 AM