Pelinis Change Story After New Video Surfaces

Last Sunday I reported on a controversy involving a video shot by a Texas A&M sports website reporter after the Aggies-Nebraska game at Kyle Field on Saturday.

Carl Pelini video shows coach grabbing camera

(Coverup always worse than the crime)

The video, shot by co-Owner Brandon Jones, seemed to show that Nebraska assistant coach Carl Pelini may have instigated an altercation with Jones that included Pelini trying to grab the reporter’s camera.

Despite Jones insisting that was the case, Carl Pelini did not address the matter with the media himself after the game, instead letting brother Bo, the head coach of the Huskers, explain what happen during a press conference in Lincoln on Monday.

Before Bo spoke, this was the only video known of the confrontation:

With the video available of the confrontation still somewhat inconclusive, Bo said yesterday:

“There was a player in a group of people trying to get out of it, and Carl saw it and went over to try and pull the player into the locker room. I guess it happened on the way to the locker room, and as he did so apparently he went through the camera to get it, and if something happened to the camera, I know Carl regrets that it happened.

“That’s what happened and I talked to the player that was involved too.”

After Bo Pelini’s remarks, posted additional screen shots from different, HD video that clearly showed Carl Pelini grabbing Jones’ camera on the field after the game.

Today, Carl Pelini released the following statement to the media:

“I apologize for the events that occurred after Saturday night’s game at Texas A&M. It was a very emotional situation and the mob scene on the field after the game amplified that. Having been involved in a similar situation in 2003 at Missouri, and in witnessing the situation on the field, I made a poor decision in trying to prevent a reporter from recording the scene.

“I have acknowledged this from the very beginning. Unfortunately, in trying to prevent a scene, I created one. We have been in contact with Brandon Jones and I have apologized to him directly for putting my hands on his camera. I offered to pay for any damages to the camera, but Brandon indicated there were none.

“Unfortunately, Bo did not have all the facts prior to yesterday’s press conference and wasn’t fully prepared for the question. Hopefully, this statement will erase all doubts about the situation and allow everyone to put it behind us. Again, I apologize for any negative publicity this has caused for our football program, Athletic Department and the University of Nebraska.”

As if the behavior of the Pelinis Saturday couldn’t have gotten more embarrassing, now we find out that what Bo was selling us on Monday wasn’t true.

Carl Pelini claimed in his statement that brother Bo “didn’t have all the facts” about what happened. That is true, and the only fact Bo presented us was a fabrication of events.

This is the kind of thing, if a program struggles, that can cut down dramatically on the amount of time a coach and his staff is given by a school to get things turned around. Nebraska’s doing well right now, but if the Huskers experience a downturn, the Pelinis might not be long for Lincoln.