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OK, I’m wavering on what to write about to end the week. Should it be Jose Guillen’s ingrown toenail, Ryan Braun’s unfortunate foray into the apparel business or George Mason’s Homecoming (Drag) Queen?

Lucimara Silva Photos

Or, should I end the week by posting some pics of the luscious Lucimara Silva.

Talk about a daunting dilemma. Click here to find out which one I picked!

Silva Lucimara

I know, you’re shocked.

Brazilian Silva competed in the heptathlon at the Bejing Olympic Games. The best I can say about her performance is she (allegedly) finished.

But thank goodness for us, it was really about the journey for Ms. Silva, not the destination.

Silva Lucimara

Silva Lucimara

Silva Lucimara LARGE

Lucimara is lovey, but is she the most beautiful Brazilian athlete out there?

MMA fighter Kyla Gracie may beg to differ:

Kyra Gracie

As would scintillating soccer player Laisa Andrioli:

Laisa Andrioli

Who is the hottest Brazilian athlete?

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