Pearl Izumi Might Just Solve A Murder Some Day

NEW BALANCE IN THE NEXT PLOTLINE OF CSI NEW YORK? We always count on Darren Rovell to keep us abreast of the latest sports marketing trends, and he doesn’t disappoint with this print ad for Pearl Izumi running shoes (we think):

Dead Bodies Shoe Ad Pearl Izumi

Rovell: “I read the thing four or five times and wasn’t quite sure what the point was. Was I more likely to buy Pearl Izumis from reading the ad? Were these Pearl Izumis going to help me find dead bodies? Would they give me a free pair if I found one?”

Nike Ad Suzy Favor Hamilton

It’s awfully provocative, but not nearly as fun as Nike’s 2000 ad featuring female Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton escaping a chainsaw-wielding murderer.

The big question now is, what’s next? Dahmer does Under Armour? Manson prefers Puma? We’re betting on Skechers snagging the Zodiac killer ourselves.