Paxson Out in Chicago and Porter Out in Phoenix?

This is shaping up to be a lousy weekend to have once been a designated three-point shooter for Michael Jordan, at least according to Peter Vescey of the NEW YORK POST. Rumors in Phoenix the last few days and now reported by Vescey suggest Phoenix Suns head coach Terry Porter will be out very soon, using the All-Star weekend as cover.  (We’ve been debating just how much cover it provides, but the scuttlebutt doesn’t always prefer logic.)

Steve Kerr and John Paxson

(The “Jordan needs a shooter” curse: Craig Hodges’ troubles, now this… Jud Buechler, you’re next)

GM Steve Kerr (the aforementioned Designated Shooter) doesn’t get away scot free; the accompanying Robin to the Batman in this rumor is that Kerr will be forced to the bench, McHale-style, to save money for the rest of the season.  Not that Suns owner Robert Sarver is known for his cost-cutting trades or anything

(UPDATE: Kerr responds via his team’s Twitter account (because we love technology): the whole story’s “crazy”.)

Now who’s allegedly on the chopping block since Vescey cleared security at Sky Harbor?  Why, Jordan’s other game-winning “point guard”, of course…

… Chicago Bulls GM John Paxson will supposedly resign after the trade deadline Thursday.   Why after the trade deadline?  Hey, someone’s got to fill out all that trade paperwork.  Jerry Reinsdorf might as well get his money’s worth.  John wouldn’t make any decisions unapproved by Reinsdorf anyway, so it’s not like he’s going rogue.

And this is Paxson we’re talking about: his best move has always been the one where he sits very still and worries, not the one where he pulls the trigger on a Hughes trade.