Pavin Wife: 20 Meetings To Design Leaky Rainsuits

GOLF WORLD - via Geoff Shackleford - has apparently uncovered why the U.S. Ryder Cup team in Wales was, somehow, outfitted with rainsuits that weren’t waterproof.

Lisa Pavin had 20 meetings in designing leaky rainsuits

What happened? Here’s the prevailing view: Lisa Pavin’s weird design happened. She wanted names on the backs of the jackets and stripes on the pants and sleeves. Those accoutrements had to be embroidered, which meant, in effect, poking dozens of tiny holes into the fabric, renderingthe rainsuits vulnerable in a downpour—and there were plenty of those last week (players were complaining as early as Tuesday about the rainsuits).

So why didn’t Sun Mountain explain this to Pavin? Supposedly the company did—there were more than 20 meetings between Sun Mountain and the Pavins—but in the end, Lisa got the design she wanted. And the U.S. team got soaked.

This after Mrs. Pavin was provided an “unlimited budget” to outfit the team.

Lisa Pavin Rain Suit Gaffe

Before I wrote about what appeared to be an overdone magazine profile on Mrs. Pavin - replete with sexy cover photo - two months ago, I asked some golf media friends about her. While I didn’t hear anything overtly negative, there was a touch of trepidation about her perhaps having undue influence on Ryder Cup preparations.

Ryder Cup Rainsuits Not Rain Proof

If Golf World’s report is impenetrable, the instinct of the folks I talked to was water airtight.