Paulius Parachomikas YouTube Video Of Girl Getting Owned In Lithuanian Dunk Contest By

CONFIRMED: FAN CHARGED FOR LITHUANIA DUNK CONTEST: There’s a reason why Americans shouldn’t hold butter churning contests. And it’s the same reason (whatever it is) that Lithuanians shouldn’t hold dunking contests.

Exhibit A: Paulius Parachomikas, the runner-up in this year’s Lithuanian professional basketball league’s dunk contest - see if you can guess why:

Girl Owned In Lithuania Dunk Contest

I’m just hoping against hope the dunk contest was sponsored by a chiropractic service. But on the bright side, I can see Coach K. cueing up the video for future instructional use on the lost art of flopping.

Exhibit B: Apparently using rims for the contest secured from an East German supply depot wasn’t such a great idea.

Lithuanian Dunk Contest Rim Stuck

Exhibit C: Let’s just say the pre-contest entertainment was, ahem, lacking:

Lithuanian Dunk Contest Entertainment

While YouTube taketh, it also giveth. The site is currently hosting the infamous dunk which Nate Robinson wasn’t allowed to use during the NBA dunk contest. Yes, the one where he clears a Playboy Playmate before throwing down:

Nate Robinson Playboy Playmate Dunk

His team, the Knicks, weren’t happy with that one and were worried he’d hurt himself, so it was scrapped.

Check out the look on the girl again as she sees the crotch of this 5-foot-7 guy coming right into her face (which probably harkened memories of Bill Maher, Jon Lovitz and Pauly Shore at the Playboy mansion).

So sometimes what happens in Vegas does end up leaking out to the public. Now if only what happened in Lithuania stayed in Lithuania.