Paul Pierce Video: “We Ain’t Coming Back To L.A.”

After sweeping the first two games of the Eastern Conference Finals at Orlando, Paul Pierce addressed Boston fans during a live postgame interview as part of the Game 2 telecast on May 18. Pierce said, “we’re coming home to close it out.

(Video via ABC/ESPN television)

Moments later Pierce could be heard on the same telecast telling Magic fans as he walked back to the locker room, “see ya’ll next year.

Pierce’s comments were less than prophetic, as the Magic managed to force the series back to Florida with a Game 4 victory in Boston. Orlando then defeated Pierce’s Celtics in Game 5 before the C’s took the series 4-2 with a Game 6 victory in Boston.

Pierce blessed us with similar histrionics Sunday night in the waning moments of the Celtics’ Game 2 win against the Lakers in Los Angeles.

With the his team up 97-90 and 1:12 to go in the fourth quarter, Pierce was heard on the game telecast saying to Staples Center fans, “we ain’t coming back to L.A.

(Nice catch by

The comment was noted by hundreds of people on immediately after Pierce issued the on-court prediction.

Doc Rivers professed his disdain for Pierce’s comments in Orlando after Game 2 of the ECF, so I’m sure he’ll be absolutely delighted when he sees Pierce breaking out the same old tired taunts Sunday night in Los Angeles. (Taunts that also turned out to be inaccurate in Orlando.)

Though you won’t hear me or any other person here in L.A. complaining.