Ex-NFLer Hornung Still Horny After All These Years

If Paul Hornung were still playing today, he’d be nailing five dames a week & still have enough energy to play a 44-game season.

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LARRY BROWN SPORTS hikes over an amusing interview from Sporting News Radio’s “The Monty Show”, where the NFL legend talked about how sweet it was to be a football star.

Hornung was discussing his numerous sexcapades back in the day, when Monty mentioned that athletes couldn’t really live that kind of lifestyle today. However, Paul took polite exception to such reasoning:

“Oh hell you could. You’re in such good shape, are you crazy? When you’re 24-years-old, you weigh 215 pounds, you can work out every day of your life, you could make love to five girls a week and play 44 games of football. Hell.”

And you could invite your gals to work out with you, a la Reggie Bush. Actually, doing five gals a week is probably plenty of exercise - and a lot more fun than lifting weights (unless the girls are a bit heavy).

But what about the explosion of online celebrity spying that has uncovered the peccadillos of such gridiron greats as Matt Leinart, Tony Romo & Vince Young? Paul has some simple advice for today’s players:

Don’t get on the Internet.”

Now why didn’t you guys think of that? Hell.