Pats-Giants Tix Offered Online For a Pretty Penny

Most Giants ticket holders can watch this Saturday’s game against the Patriots from the comfort of their own homes. So, they have no problem putting their seats up for sale.

Giants Patriots tickets

In fact, some fans figure to make quite a profit.

WCBS-TV reports that tickets for the Pats’ final shot at a perfect regular season are going for thousands of dollars online. Sites like StubHub are seeing seats selling for $1,600, while eBay has some offers of up to $2,500 for game stubs. There’s even a luxury suite up for grabs, which can be yours for only $26,114.

Quite an increase from the normal $84 average for a game-day seat.

And some Giants players don’t appreciate their fans selling out. LB Antonio Pierce laments, “We don’t need fans like that.”

Michael Strahan

Meanwhile, DE Michael Strahan is puzzled with the high prices: “Twenty-six thousand to come watch a game? I mean I could understand for the Super Bowl, but for this? It’s taking on a life of its own.”

Of course, New Yorkers aren’t going to miss a chance to make a quick buck or two or thousand off their Boston brethren.