Pats File For “19-0 The Perfect Season” Trademark

The NEW YORK POST reports “three days before they beat the San Diego Chargers, and more than two weeks before Super Bowl XLII, the team egotistically filed paperwork with the US Patent and Trademark Office to cash in on sales of T-shirts, caps, posters and all kinds of Pats paraphernalia.

NY Post Patriots Trademark Application

The club applied for trademarks on “19-0″ and “19-0 The Perfect Season.”

So the management at the NYP did what any right-thinking, objective media outlet would do, they “spent $375 for its own trademark application yesterday - on ‘18-1.’ Our application, No. 77385477, is pending.

Jessica Simpson and fake Cowboys

The Post is obviously groping for another publicity play after it hit a gusher with the Jessica Simpson look-alike bit for the Cowboys-Giants game. In comparison, this move falls rather flaccid.